Sample Blog Post 2: Why Your Blog Should Never Make A Sales Pitch

No doubt you’ve heard how a blog is good for your business.

We’ve even talked about the benefits of a business blog on this website. Here are some highlights:

  • They help your business increase its customer base
  • They boost traffic to your website
  • They help promote community and customer loyalty

But when your blog comes across as advertising, it fails to do any of those things. Here are three big reasons to avoid selling on your blog.

1. You turn people off

When your blog comes across as too promotional, too sales-y, this is a problem. Because this kind of language actually drives customers away.

Not exactly what you were hoping to accomplish, is it?

Why does this happen? Because no one likes being pushed into doing something they don’t necessarily want to do.

Being sold to also feels a lot like being manipulated. It feels false, like someone is trying to take advantage of you.

This is not how you build trust and goodwill with your prospects.

2. It’s the wrong time to make a sale

When people come to your blog, they are looking for information. They are not looking to buy something.

The best salespeople understand that helping a customer who doesn’t end up buying anything is not a waste of time. Chances are, they are shopping around, gathering information, figuring out what they want and need.

If your visitors feel you are being sincerely helpful and appear knowledgeable about their situation, the odds are good that they will return.

And if you keep providing them with valuable information, they are more likely to choose you for your product or service whenever they are ready to make a purchase.

3. You come across as self-serving

It doesn’t matter how wonderful or clever or even entertaining your writing is. If your post is all about why your product or service is so great, you come across as self-serving.

Because your post is all about you.

What resonates with people is when you write about them. More importantly, you write about what they need and offer solutions for how they can get it.

You want your blog to become a source of helpful information for your visitors. This way it becomes about them, instead of you.

It helps create a sense that you are there to help them. Which makes them more likely to become your customer later.

The best business blogs stay away from blatant selling. They try to provide content that helps bring in prospects, build trust and community and establish your business’ credibility. Take look at our blogging services to learn more. For information about all our digital marketing solutions, please contact us.