Online Digital Copywriting
Content Marketing

You dutifully set up a blog, and every week (or maybe every month) you struggle to post some content. And you wonder why this whole content marketing thing that everyone is talking about isn’t having any impact on your business. I can help you craft your posts in a way that draws your prospects in, keeps them engaged, and clamoring for more.

Social Media Marketing

It’s one more thing you should be doing, but who has time to keep up with every social media platform? I have a suggestion: don’t. It is possible to get great results from social media by just focusing on one single strategy. 

Intrigued? Shoot me an email or give me a call; we can talk about it.

Email Marketing

If you think email is dead, you are missing out on a powerful tool for growing your customer base. According to a report by Campaign Monitor,  38% of U.S. consumers act as a result of receiving an email.  But you can’t just send emails of funny cat videos and expect a good return. You need the right strategy, the right words, and the right content. Rest assured I can help you with that!

Print Media

When’s the last time you sent out a sales letter? A press release? A print copy of a newsletter?

Just because the world has moved online doesn’t mean this classic form of marketing no longer works. If you are looking for a way to stand out in the noisy online universe, give some thought to trying a hard copy approach to reaching out to potential clients.

I also write for kids!

I write both nonfiction and fiction primarily for the educational market. I have written for all ages (early elementary through high school) but my sweet spot is upper elementary/middle school. My areas of expertise are social studies, science, and language arts.

In case you are thinking my work in the children’s writing space is irrelevant to your needs, I would urge you to keep an open mind. Writing for kids requires some special skills that translate very well to the copywriting arena. You need to capture your audience’s attention, write in a clear and engaging manner, and make use of a good storyline.
Wouldn’t you want your business’s content to do the same?

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