This page is not going to be my personal biography.

Because, quite frankly, I’m pretty sure you are not that interested in my childhood, my love of writing, and whether I have kids or a house full of cats.  Because it’s really not that relevant to the question of whether or not we are going to work together.

Instead, this page is about what it is like to work with me.  Hopefully, this will help you determine whether we are a good fit for your writing projects.

How I Write

I put a lot of effort into understanding the style and tone you need for your project. For example, for a high-interest book, I try to grab the reader’s attention with short, punchy sentences. When writing fiction for younger kids, I adopt a fun, engaging style that never talks down to the reader.

My Work Ethic

I am a freelance writer, which means I am my own boss.  It also means I am personally responsible for all aspects of my business.  I take pride in always striving to deliver a high-quality product.  It is my reputation, after all, that is on the line.

I treat all clients with respect and treat your business as deserving of my full attention and quality of work, regardless of the size or type of business.

I always strive for honesty and integrity in my work and my business.


I want everyone to be proud of the final product. That means I take requests for revisions as an opportunity to improve, accept criticism with grace, and listen carefully to your expectations for every project.

I aim to please, and I am friendly and easy to work with. While these traits are not necessarily related to my writing skills, I personally think they are very important.

Want to learn more?  Get in touch with me today!

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