Terrace Print and Copy Centre #1

Can Your Print Shop Make You a Hero?

At Terrace Print and Copy, we can.

We realize this is a rather bold claim.  But we feel comfortable making it.  Why?

Because we’ve done it for our clients before.

Let me give you an example.

Truly Exceptional Customer Service

Our client, let’s call them XYZ Engineering, had a critically important tender submission for a large project they needed to complete.  As you know, these jobs require high quality printing, to present complex drawings and data sheets.  The volume of materials that needed to be produced was keeping them busy from morning until late into the night.

XYZ came to us with their project on Thursday evening.  When was the deadline?  Monday morning.

This was a situation where so much material was being created at the last minute, it would be impossible to reproduce all the documents needed in less than one day.  And all the print shops would be closed for the weekend.

Except for Terrace Print and Copy.

At their request, we opened up our shop over the weekend, just for them.  We worked side-by-side with the XYZ engineers as they produced the materials needed for the tender document.  We printed, collated and packaged them, so they would be ready to be filed by the deadline.  This included keeping the shop open on Sunday, because they were putting together materials up until the last minute.

Guess what?  They made their deadline.

And became heroes to everyone at XYZ Engineering.

All This and Fast Printing Too

Of course, speed is important for printing jobs.

But it’s not what makes Terrace Print and Copy stand out.

Yes, being able to quickly print and copy your documents is of utmost importance to us.  That’s why we have state-of-the-art equipment to handle large volume, premium high quality print jobs, such as yours.

But if all you needed was fast, well, there are other shops that can quickly churn out standard print and copy jobs.  (Although, most would fall short of our standards for speed and quality).

At Terrace Print and Copy, we aren’t just fast.

We become your support team.  We take a personal interest in making sure your confidential documents, presentation materials, or any other type of print jobs present the best possible impression of you and your company.

Special Discount for First-Time Clients

Not every print shop can handle the kind of specialized printing, volume and confidentiality required for jobs such as the tender document we talked about earlier.

At Terrace Print and Copy, we have both the expertise and the equipment needed for such critical and sensitive jobs.  We’d like the chance to demonstrate just what we can do for you.

So give us a call at (08) 9325 5619, or email us at sales@terraceprint.com.au to get a free quote.  And for first-time clients, we are offering a special promotion.  With any colour print job, we’ll also bind it for you – for free! (See attached coupon for more details).

Conveniently Located in the CBD Area

Since we’d like you to consider us part of your team, it’s nice to meet our clients in person.  So feel free to drop in on us.  You’ll find us at Shop 15, Allendale Arcade, 77 St. Georges Terrace, Perth.



Kat Ong

P.S.  Our range of services is quite extensive, so view the entire package on our website at www.terraceprint.com.au.

P.P.S  Plus, get in on our promotion of free binding with any colour print job if you call or email us today!  We’ve attached a coupon with all the information to make it easy for you to take advantage of this special offer.  Plus, here’s our contact information:  (08) 9325 5619, or email us at sales@terraceprint.com.au.

P.P.P.S.  Want even more convenience?  We also offer corporate accounts for our clients.  It’s free, and simplifies the billing process with our 30-day payment terms on invoices.  With a corporate account, just bring in your job and we’ll bill you later.  It’s the simplest, fastest and easiest way to manage your print and copy jobs with us.