Sales Letter Sample #5

Want A Simple, Surefire Way To Boost Employee Morale And Productivity?

We know of a very simple method for making your employees feel appreciated…and as a result, more motivated.

Feed them.

Make Staff Meetings a Benefit, Not a Chore

Everyone knows that when employees feel happy and appreciated, they in turn are more productive, more loyal and work harder.

Obviously, you can’t be providing catered lunches to your staff every day.  But if you treat them to lunch in the office every once in awhile, it creates good feelings all around.  In fact, it’s a great way to turn a routine (and often boring) staff meeting into an event that everyone looks forward to.

We at Food Thinkers believe in the power of a satisfied stomach.  But the quality of the food makes a big difference.  In fact, we believe that creative food promotes creativity in the eater.

Our Food is Creative So You Can Be Too

With Food Thinkers, you won’t be getting your standard fare of ham and cheese sandwiches with a bonus cookie for dessert.  We believe in raising food preparation to a whole new level.  But that doesn’t mean tiny plates of beautiful, artistically arranged tidbits that leave you hankering for a double-decker cheeseburger later.  We’re talking about combining ingredients in delicious new ways that is still very accessible.  In fact, many of our menu items are pizzas – and what could be more accessible than pizza?  We just add toppings not on your standard pizza list, including tender, mouth-watering wagyu beef  and Moroccan lamb.  But don’t worry, if you want pepperoni or mozzarella cheese, we have that as well.

Like Having a Personal Chef That Fits Your Budget

Our goal is to be considered an integral part of your office.  But instead of fielding phone calls or returning emails, we are in charge of keeping everyone well fed.  We make a point of paying attention to what food items are enthusiastically devoured and which are less popular.  We make note of any particular food requirements (such as the need for vegetarian offerings) and preferences.  So when you call us the next time you need us, we’ll be ready with menu items you’ve loved before and suggestions for new ones we think you’ll enjoy.

Not Just Good Food, But Reliable Service Too

Too often, caterers put all their energy into food prep, but not enough into making it easy for clients to get a meal set up quickly, easily and on time.  At Food Thinkers, we understand how busy you are, and don’t want to add dealing with a difficult caterer to your to-do list.  Instead, we put a lot of energy into backing up our delicious food with outstanding service.  With one phone call you can fill us in on what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.  So give us a call at xx xxxx xxxx or visit our website at _________ and find out how we can liven things up in your office.




P.S.   Why not take a look at our innovative and mouth-watering menu before it’s time to cater your next business meeting?  Just call us at xx xxxx xxxx or visit our website at ______________ ; we are sure you’ll discover some intriguing flavor combinations that you’ll be hankering to try.