Sales Letter Sample #4

Don’t Fall Victim to the Root of All Evil In Commercial Construction

Simple Differences in Expectations Can Lead to Disastrous Results

It can ruin your reputation, and it’s not even your fault.

When your commercial builder doesn’t deliver what you and your client believed you signed up for, who are they going to blame?  Even if it was the builder who was responsible for the missed deadlines and cost overruns, who will be on the receiving end of your client’s dissatisfaction?

Unfortunately, it will be you, the architect.

But when your builder comes through by meeting or exceeding expectations, everybody wins.

At Partridge Construction, we know how to deliver what you and your client ask for.

How to Avoid the Trap of Differing Expectations

Meticulous planning is the key to accurate estimates.  That’s why we set up expectations in detail, and in advance, before any construction takes place.  At Partridge Construction, we pay attention to the particulars of the planning phase.  When we put together a tender document or quotation, we make sure that it includes the complete scope of work involved.  Every detail, including all the finishes, fixtures and features –in other words, the complete set of specs—are included.  Everything that follows:  the budget, the timeline, the finished product, is based on this planning document.  So expectations can be built on complete information, and everyone can be on the same page.

Our Profits are Never at Your Expense

We know it happens.  Some builders add variations to their project in order to cut costs or raise expenses, and therefore increase their profits.  At Partridge Construction, we believe in being upfront about our expectations.  Because we, like you, don’t like unexpected surprises like cost increases.  We also don’t undersell ourselves just to get the job.  So it may be that our tender quotes come in a bit higher than some others.  But by being transparent from the beginning, everyone, including you and your clients, will understand where every penny is being spent.

Preserve Your Reputation and Your Peace of Mind

As I mentioned earlier, even if all the blame for project delays and cost overruns should fall on the builder’s doorstep, it’s the architect who is often the target of the client’s ire.

Unfair?  Absolutely.

But also completely avoidable.

Because when you work a builder that practices effective planning and project management, you are protecting both yourself and your client.  Partridge Construction takes a different approach to the building process that focuses on detailed planning, frequent communication, personalized attention and honesty and integrity every step of the way.

So in addition to creating a planning document that details every step and deliverable in the construction process, we have systems in place to insure the lines of communication are always flowing.  You are assigned one project manager for the duration of your project, who will provide weekly progress reports to you.  We also keep our docket of projects to a certain size; we never want to spread ourselves too thin, because we want you to receive the “personalized professionalism” that is a signature trait of Partridge Construction.

Don’t Just Hire Us, Check Us Out First

It is important to proceed carefully before hiring a builder for your project.  Not to sound too self-absorbed or anything, but the builder is a key player in the commercial construction process.  They are the ones who are at ground zero, running the show.  They manage the whole building process, and they command a big chunk of the budget.  Because Partridge Construction has the experience, the skill, the integrity and the enthusiasm to do commercial buildings right, we are confident you will think so too after you review our credentials.

So give us a call at (xx) xxxx xxxx and we’ll share our past work with you.  We’l l share our project management and building philosophy.  We’ll share our references.  After we know you have done a thorough job checking us out, then we can talk about getting started on your project.



Jon Partridge

P.S.  We are not just looking to build commercial buildings that last through time.  We are also looking to build relationships.  We know that is only possible by being honest and upfront about project expectations, including cost estimates and timelines.  Give us a call at (xx) xxxx xxxx to find out more about our brand of “personalized professionalism” that sets us apart.