How an Instant Approval Credit Card Saved My Job

Okay, perhaps I wouldn’t have lost my job without the instant approval credit card, but it certainly helped me out.

It was a scene similar to one out of a television sitcom.  After several years of working at the same company, I finally had a chance at a big promotion.  Coincidentally, an opportunity arose to invite my boss over to dinner.  On the morning of the big day, while I was frantically trying to finalize the menu, my two-year old began zooming around the kitchen and dining room on his tricycle.  Okay, this was admittedly a dubious strategy for keeping my child occupied and out of my hair, but desperate times  call for desperate measures.  What happened next was depressingly predictable.  “Mommy, look how fast I can go on this floor!”  Before I could open my mouth–bam!  His right rear wheel caught the leg of my ancient dining room table, and we all watched in horror as the table slowly crumpled to the floor.

So where in this disaster did the instant approval credit card come in?  There I was, 7 hours before my boss was due to arrive, and I no longer had a place for everyone to sit.  TV trays in the living room was not going to cut it.  We all jumped into the car and high-tailed it to the nearest furniture store, and as luck would have it, there was the dining room set of my dreams.  But unfortunately, the price was one I could only dream about paying.

That’s where the instant approval credit card came in.  The store was offering a 15% discount on all purchases made with a new store credit card—with instant approval.  Plus, they were throwing in an added incentive of $50 off any purchases with the card.  By signing up for the instant approval credit card and receiving the special discounts, I was able to bring that table home the same day.

The dinner was a success and yes, I got that promotion.

Getting your instant approval credit card will probably not occur in such dramatic circumstances (at least you certainly hope not!).  Most are obtained in the comfort of your home through an online application.  But instant approval should still mean taking the time to research the best credit card to suit your needs and situation.  That means carefully analyzing the terms of each card offered at instant approval credit card sites.  Beyond the obvious factors such as annual fees and interest rates, make sure to check what kind of reward benefits are offered, or introductory rates (which change after a certain amount of time) and any hidden fees, such as those on balance transfers.

Keep in mind that getting the best credit card may not necessarily be an instant approval credit card.  Remember, even if you are approved within seconds, you will likely have to wait several days before you actually receive the card and can use it.

Most importantly, keep an eye out for special promotions, particularly on those store-based instant approval credit cards.  Who knows?  It could help you get that promotion!